Readify is an app-based bookstore for beautiful, hand-picked stories in various genres like romance, crime, horror, etc.

Though we have a few full-length books, our focus is on shorter formats like short stories, flash fiction and novellas.

We will soon also be introducing bite-sized non-fiction in various topics like health & fitness, nutrition, travel, parenting, cooking, etc.

We are not aggregators. What that means is, you won’t find each and every book on Readify. We have our own curated list of stories as well as a few titles from partner publishers.¬†

We hope you enjoy reading our content. ūüôā

Yes, you have to purchase books. But do keep these 2 points in mind:

РWe give large chunks of every story or book for free so that you can be sure you like the writing style and the plot before you actually buy. 

– We have kept our content really really affordable so that you don’t even have to think twice before buying. Just check out the prices!

We are a small, digital publishing house. We are not book aggregators.

This means, we have a limited, hand-picked collection that contains books that have been exclusively written for us by authors and some titles from our partner publishers. Also, our focus is on Indian authors and Indian stories. 

We might not have your favourite book, but we have a very nice collection of stories across genres like romance, crime, horror, etc. Do check them out! Large portions are available for free sampling.

At Readify, we call our currency “credits”.

It’s absolutely similar to rupees. In fact, 1 credit = 1 rupee.

You can buy any number of credits using your paytm account or your debit or credit cards. You can then use these credits to buy books. 

We have kept our content very very affordable. So even 100 credits (worth 100 rupees) can help you read many stories.

We also gift you some credits to get you started when you sign up with us. ūüôā

There is a menu that slides in from the right edge of your screen. That menu contains a list of all genres available. It also displays the number of stories available in each genre. 

You can tap on any genre to display only those books. Or you can tap on “all” to see the whole collection.

In the bookstore, you will see a list of cards displaying very basic info about each book, like title, author name, tagline, cover, etc.

If you want to know more, tap on any of the cards. It will take you to a preview page where you can read the blurb, check out the reviews and read about the author. 

From here you can also choose to either read the free preview or buy the book.

Yes, of course you can!

Click on any of the book cards in the bookstore. It will take you to a preview page that has the blurb, reviews, author info, etc. On the top bar you will see 3 icons.

1. Share: You can share info about the book with any of your friends

2. Gift: You can gift the book to any number of friends in one go. You will be billed a combined amount.

3. Heart:¬†Clicking on the heart adds the book to the “liked” tab in your bookshelf. Whenever you come across interesting books or stories, you can thus add them to be checked out later.

Yes, it is! And we have tried our best to make your reading experience as pleasurable as possible.

Scrolling: We have provided two ways of scrolling. While reading a book, you can touch the top one-third and bottom one-third of the screen to do page-up and page-down. Or you can scroll line by line. Your choice. 

Background: Tapping the middle one-third of the screen brings up the reader settings menu. Here you can choose between 5 beautiful backgrounds.

Font size: In reader settings, you can also increase or decrease your font size to a level where you find the optimum reading comfort.

Index: In reader settings you can also access the book index to directly go to any particular chapter.

Whenever you start reading any book/story for the first time, you see the cover first. From this point you can scroll down to read the story.

At this point if you scroll up instead, you will see all extra information about that book/story, like, the copyright info, any acknowledgements or dedication by the author, cover design credits, any glowing endorsements received by the book, etc. 

We call this whole section above the cover Chapter Zero. You can access it any time from the index in the settings menu.

Readify Author Hunt

RAH is Readify’s nationwide short-story writing competition platform.

Our intention is to discover hidden writing talent across the country and nurture it. Writers who do well in the competitions will get great opportunities to become published authors. 

Anyone above the age of 12 can participate. We will be having competitions in 4 different categories:

– Schools

– Colleges

– Corporates

– Open (for all those who don’t fall under any of the above categories)

There is a wide variety of prizes up for grabs! The specific numbers of each type of prize available will change from competition to competition.

# Publishing contracts: This is the most prestigious prize type. Dozens of the talented writers will get publishing contracts from Readify. This can be your first step to being recognized as a professional writer. 

# Trophies: Several winners from each genre will get winner trophies.

# Short-film deal: One of the winners will get a short-film made on his/her story!

# Finalist certificates: All writers whose stories make it to the final evaluation will get certificates.

# Max participation trophies: Schools, colleges and companies from which maximum people participate will get special trophies.

You can submit as many stories as you want, in one or many of the genres listed for the competition you are participating in.

You can win only 1 prize in 1 genre.

You can win prizes in multiple genres.

For example: you have submitted 3 crime stories, 2 romance stories and 1 horror story. You can win 1 prize in crime, 1 prize in romance and 1 prize in horror. 

You need to take 2 steps:

1. Register:¬†Download and install the Readify Android app on your smartphone. (If you don’t have an Android phone, get hold of one from your loved ones or close friends). In the main menu, you’ll find a section for Readify Author Hunt. Register yourself for the competitions you are interested in and are eligible for.¬†

2. Submit: Submit your story. We have currently not opened up the submission links for any of the competitions, but they will be open soon. You can submit directly from the app or from our website Р

Each competition will have rules and regulations listed on the website as well as in the app. Please do read these when you register. 

The word count of your story should fall within the permissible range, for example, 500 to 5000 words.

We are currently only accepting entries in English. We will be launching competitions for Indian regional languages soon. ūüôā

Each competition will have rules and regulations listed on the website as well as in the app. Please do read these when you register. 

Our website ( as well as the Readify Author Hunt section in the app will display the following dates for each competition: 

– Submissions start

– Submissions end

– Announcement of winners

The dates might sometimes have to be changed due to unavoidable circumstances.

Each competition will have rules and regulations listed on the website as well as in the app. Please do read these when you register. 

These rules will include the genres allowed for that particular competition.

Our most common genres are:

– Crime / Suspense / Thriller

– Horror / Paranormal

– Romance / Love Stories

– Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Mythology

– Personal Stories (non-fiction)

If your story is a mix of two or more genres, you will have to identify the dominant one and choose that option in the submission form. 

No, you cannot edit after submitting. Every participant should double check their stories for spellings, grammar and punctuation errors before submitting. 

No. Submissions have to be made online using the submission form either on the app or on our website:

No, your story can only have text. 

There will be multiple rounds of evaluation in each competition. The number and nature of rounds could change from competition to competition.

A typical evaluation process could look like this:

Round 1: This will be done internally by our editorial team.

Round 2: This will be a mixed evaluation. 50% weightage will be given to marks assigned by a panel of experienced professional authors. The remaining 50% weightage will be given to the number of votes received from readers.

The decisions on prize winners will be taken by the Readify team and its panel of evaluators. All these decisions will be final and will not be open for debate. No feedback will be provided on the stories and no reasons for rejection will be given. 

The list of winners along with the details of the prizes they have won will be put up on the app. Keep watching the Readify Author Hunt space as the announcement date approaches. 

If your story makes it to round 2, it will be listed (along with other stories) on the competition page of the app. Your friends and family members, as well as other readers, can check out your story there and vote for it if they like it.

If you are one of the winners, your story will be available for reading on the app competition page for some time. After that, it will be available for reading as a standalone, or as part of one or more anthologies, on the app bookstore.

We do not have any cash prizes. But we have a host of other exciting prizes which will make it worth the effort! ūüôā

The winning stories will be published on the app bookstore, either as standalone or as part of one or more anthologies. These could either be priced at zero, or at a nominal amount to recover part of the competition expenses.  

There will be no payment – financial or otherwise – to writers besides the prizes that are officially announced for this competition, and of course the opportunity to be published alongside some highly established authors!

The copyright to your story will ALWAYS remain with you.

Readify will get non-exclusive global publishing rights. This means that entrants are free to publish their stories elsewhere too if they wish.

All entrants should definitely read all rules and regulations that are provided on every competition page on the app. The detailed terms and conditions are also available on every competition page. 

No. The story (or stories) submitted to the Readify Author Hunt should not have been previously published or accepted for publication anywhere else, or have ben granted prizes or recognition in any other competitions. 

Additionally, and most importantly, the story should not be, even partially, an adaptation, modification, translation, or any other kind of version, of another person’s work.


Team ReadifyFrequently Asked Questions