Readify Author Hunt

RAH is Readify’s nationwide short-story writing competition platform.

Our intention is to discover hidden writing talent across the country and nurture it. Writers who do well in the competitions will get great opportunities to become published authors. 

Anyone above the age of 12 can participate. We will be having competitions in 4 different categories:

– Schools

– Colleges

– Corporates

– Open (for all those who don’t fall under any of the above categories)

There is a wide variety of prizes up for grabs! The specific numbers of each type of prize available will change from competition to competition.

# Publishing contracts: This is the most prestigious prize type. Dozens of the talented writers will get publishing contracts from Readify. This can be your first step to being recognized as a professional writer. 

# Trophies: Several winners from each genre will get winner trophies.

# Finalist certificates: All writers whose stories make it to the final evaluation will get certificates.

You can submit as many stories as you want, in one or many of the genres listed for the competition you are participating in.

You can win only 1 prize in 1 genre.

You can win prizes in multiple genres.

For example: you have submitted 3 crime stories, 2 romance stories and 1 horror story. You can win 1 prize in crime, 1 prize in romance and 1 prize in horror. 

You need to take 2 steps:

1. Register: You can register for the competition on the Readify website ( by clicking on the “Submit your stories here!” link.   

2. Submit: Once you have registered yourself, you can easily submit your stories on the Readify website anytime within the contest dates. 

Each competition will have rules and regulations listed on the website as well as in the app. Please do read these when you register. 

The word count of your story should fall within the permissible range, for example, 300 to 1000 words (for Capgemini Season 2 – Chat Fiction edition).

We are currently only accepting entries in English. We will be launching competitions for Indian regional languages soon. 🙂

Each competition will have rules and regulations listed on the website as well as in the app. Please do read these when you register. 

Capgemini Season 2 – Chat Fiction edition begins on 2nd March and ends on 18th March. 

Each competition will have rules and regulations listed on the website as well as in the app. Please do read these when you register. 

These rules will include the genres allowed for that particular competition.

The genres for Capgemini Season 2 – Chat Fiction edition are:

– Romance / Love Stories

– Horror / Paranormal

– Thriller / Crime / Suspense

– Science Fiction

– Humour

If your story is a mix of two or more genres, you will have to identify the dominant one and choose that option in the submission form. 

No, you cannot edit after submitting. Every participant should double check their stories for spellings, grammar and punctuation errors before submitting. 

No. Submissions have to be made online using the submission form on our website:

No, your story can only have text. 

There will be multiple rounds of evaluation in each competition. The number and nature of rounds could change from competition to competition.

Usually the first round is done by our internal editors and the second round by established authors.

The decisions on prize winners will be taken by the Readify team and its panel of evaluators. All these decisions will be final and will not be open for debate. No feedback will be provided on the stories and no reasons for rejection will be given.

The list of winners along with the details of the prizes they have won will be put up on the app. Keep watching the Readify Author Hunt space as the announcement date approaches. 

The best stories will undergo multiple rounds of polishing by our internal editors and will then be published on Readify’s new chat fiction app called Bite (soon to be launched!).

We do not have any cash prizes. But we have a host of other exciting prizes which will make it worth the effort! 🙂

There will be no payment – financial or otherwise – to writers besides the prizes that are officially announced for this competition, and of course the opportunity to be published alongside some highly established authors!

The copyright to your story will ALWAYS remain with you.

Readify will get non-exclusive global publishing rights. This means that entrants are free to publish their stories elsewhere too if they wish.

All entrants should definitely read all rules and regulations that are provided on every competition page on the app. The detailed terms and conditions are also available on every competition page. 

No. The story (or stories) submitted to the Readify Author Hunt should not have been previously published or accepted for publication anywhere else, or have ben granted prizes or recognition in any other competitions. 

Additionally, and most importantly, the story should not be, even partially, an adaptation, modification, translation, or any other kind of version, of another person’s work.


Vivek RaoRAH – Frequently Asked Questions