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Boy meets girl. They fall in love. But what happens then? There are often many obstacles before the ‘happily ever after’. Or maybe your lovers don’t get together after all, a la Romeo and Juliet. Tell us more.


Haunted houses. Creepy kids. Ghosts thirsting for revenge.Scare the living daylights out of us with your dreadful tales of horror. Unleash those ghouls, zombies and vampires, or tell the story of a demented psycho freak. Go on, terrify us. Don’t be squeamish; we aren’t.


Murders. Whodunits. Spies. Gangsters. Or something else that’s up your suspenseful sleeve. Make us play guessing games. But most of all, write a story that keeps us on the edge of our seats.


Time travel. Interstellar wars. Alternate History. Medieval Fantasy. Mythology. The canvas for this genre is vast, and is limited only by the magic that your words can weave.


Heartbreak. The loss of a loved one. Finding hope when there was none. A comeback against all odds. Have you had an experience that changed you forever? Or know someone who has? Tell us a true story that is inspiring or soul-stirring, or one that makes you smile even as you cry.


Kiran Manral

An ex-journalist and one of the top Indian bloggers, she is also a prolific novelist and on the planning board of the Kumaon Literary Festival.

Sharath Komarraju

A best-selling author with 24 books under his belt. His first novel was long-listed for the Commonwealth Book Prize.

Neil D’Silva

An award-winning and popular author who has also founded a successful literary festival, a film production company and an editing services company.

Rishabh Chaturvedi

A chartered accountant by training, he is the creator of Labyrinth and Carnival, two anthologies of short stories.

Utkarsh Patel

An author and regular speaker on mythology, he also teaches Comparative Mythology at the Mumbai University.

Suhail Mathur

Suhail is a best-selling author and one of the most promising literary agents in India. Via his company, The Book Bakers, he designs book covers as well as provides various online and offline marketing solutions to authors.

Rules and regulations

  • Language

    Entries permitted in English language only.

  • Story length:

    Each story should have a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 5000 words. Within this range, the length of the story won’t affect our evaluation.

  • Unpublished material:

    The story should not have been previously published or accepted for publication anywhere else, or have been granted prizes or recognition in any other competitions.

  • Decisions on winners:

    The decisions on prize winners will be taken by the Readify team and its panel of evaluators. All these decisions will be final and will not be open for debate. No feedback will be provided on the stories and no feedback will be provided on the stories and no reasons for rejection will be given.

  • Publishing rights:

    Readify will get non-exclusive global publishing rights for all stories that make it past Round 1. (This means that entrants are free to publish their stories elsewhere too if they wish.) There will be no other payment – financial or otherwise – to writers besides the prizes that are officially announced for this competition, and of course the opportunity to be published alongside some highly established authors.

  • Entries:

    One author can submit multiple stories in one or more genres.

  • Single author:

    The author should be the sole creator of the story being submitted and should have all creative, legal, and moral rights to it.

  • No plagiarism:

    The story should not be, even partially, an adaptation, modification, translation or any other kind of version, of another person’s work.

  • Deals:

    Readify gets exclusive rights to pitch for deals related to adaptation of the story into any other forms and media (for example: movie, tele-vision series, web series, picture books, etc). The author will have a say in the final decision and will get a share of any income from such deals.

  • Prizes:

    The most talented authors will be awarded with publishing contracts from Readify. These contracts will be to commission new stories or novellas, and will contain due royalty clauses. There are dozens of other exciting prizes, which are listed in the relevant section.

  • Copyright:

    The copyright to the story will always remain with the author.

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