Slip Inside This House by Akhil Srivatsan

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A drug-addicted writer, a hotshot startup advisor, a middle-manager, a successful journalist and an entrepreneur…

Slip Inside This House is a year in the life of five friends, each of whom spends a chunk of their time living in an apartment in the middle of Mumbai’s startup world.

Benji is a drug-addicted writer and music reviewer, and head editor of Stranger Fiction, an arts and culture magazine. Professional stagnation and addiction to a mystery drug, which he takes in small white bottles, or ‘doses’, lead to his unraveling.

Kanika, a hotshot startup advisor, appears to join him in his spiral when she is introduced to dosing and quickly develops a stubborn drug habit of her own.

Ashwin is a middle-manager at one of Mumbai’s runaway startup success stories. From time to time, he fantasizes about escaping his life to something more interesting.

Sen quits his job to start his own business. While things go swimmingly at first, he soon runs into the challenges of running a fledgling business while struggling to keep the rest of his life on track.

Sania is a successful journalist who has started to lose interest in her job. To add to that, the pressures that come with approaching thirty are starting to mount. As the startup world rises around her, she wonders if it might offer her a better path forward.

Will Benji get his life back together? Will Kanika escape her addiction? Will Ashwin find what he seems to be missing in his life? Will Sen find his feet? And will Sania find her true path?

About the Author: 

Akhil Srivatsan is a writer, musician, and startup fellow based out of Mumbai.

After graduating from IIT Bombay in 2012 and a brief stint in the corporate world, he’s worked in the business teams of two of India’s most novelizable startups, and

Slip Inside This House is his first published novel, an attempt to write literary fiction about twenty-somethings in Mumbai. Set within the walls of a house, it centers around the lives of five characters who call the house home.

Akhil has serialized an older novella, Each Sauntering Step, on

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Vivek RaoSlip Inside This House by Akhil Srivatsan

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