Pink Champagne by Madhuri Iyer

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“A charming love story set in the pulsating New York City”



Tanya Sen dives headlong into a promising career in investment banking in America. Soon she is swept away in the heady embrace of success and new beginnings. But is she ready to be swept away in love?

The suave Arjun Mehta has it all: a doting mother, a vast business empire and a beautiful redhead for a fiancée. It would be crazy to rock the boat and covet another woman.

And yet, the stirrings of the heart are hard to ignore.

What lies ahead for Tanya and Arjun—Heartbreak Hotel or true love to last a lifetime?

A charming story of love in all its hues set in contemporary New York, Pink Champagne is the bubbly you need to pop open.


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About the Author:

Apart from being a best-selling author, Madhuri is a qualified artist, an experienced editor and also an ex-copywriter. ‘Pink Champagne’, an online imprint, was Madhuri’s first work of fiction. In 2014, she authored the best-selling novel ‘Manhattan Mango’, and is now developing a screenplay for the novel. Her recently launched novel, ‘The Strongman’s Daughter’, also promises a dramatic read.

She started her writing career as an advertising copywriter and worked with several leading agencies. A qualified artist, she holds painting exhibitions, loves travelling, cooking, and keeping fit. She has edited lifestyle and fitness books for the Times Group, and Penguin India. Her other works include ‘The SuperMom Cookbook’, a non-fiction initiative that introduces mothers to the joys of healthy cooking.

Presently, Madhuri is excited about her foray in the e-novella space with Readify. Her fans can look forward to romance, suspense dramas, and family sagas – for Madhuri, the genre is not important. The story is.

Team ReadifyPink Champagne by Madhuri Iyer

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