Knife Edge by Jimmy Mathew

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A humorous and uncensored peek into a surgeon’s life beyond the scrubs and scalpel…



A surgeon’s life is an endless loop of around-the-clock drama, trauma and fatigue. But if one looks beyond the ominous scrubs and scalpel, there is humour lurking in the shadows of the ER corridors.

Knife Edge depicts the rite of passage of a young surgeon from being an insecure, inexperienced medical student to one who can handle complicated medical cases with supreme confidence.

It takes readers through the author’s hilarious encounters at medical college, absurd real-life situations with patients and soul-searching moments that transform him from a carefree medico into a humane professional.

By turns heartbreaking, heart-warming and humorous, Knife Edge offers an uncensored look at the life of a surgeon both inside and outside the operation theatre.


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About the Author:

Dr Mathew is a Clinical Professor and Reconstructive Microsurgeon at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. He has 25 publications, mostly in International Journals and has written three books in English (‘The Stethoscope and the Scalpel’, ‘Blood, Sweat and Cheers’ and ‘Health and Happiness without Bullshit’).

He was part of the five member surgical team that did South Asia’s first hand transplant (which was a double hands transplant).

He did his MBBS from Medical College, Thrissur. He did his MS (Surgery) from JIPMER, Pondicherry. After doing his MCh from Calicut Medical College, he has worked in Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, and St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore, for a couple of years each, before joining Amrita Institute in 2009.

He has written numerous articles and stories for the lay press. He writes a regular column for He blogs at

His latest book – ‘Chiriyulude Chikitsa’ – was published by DC books recently. One of his stories was chosen from the nationwide short story contest conducted by Penguin and included in the collection edited by Sudha Murthy, titled ‘Something happened on the way to heaven’.


Vivek RaoKnife Edge by Jimmy Mathew

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