The Evil Eye and The Charm by Neil D’Silva

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What happens when you turn your back on age-old superstitions?

Six horrific tales that dare to explore the unknown.


Chain Reaction

A small boy touches an object he should not have. Within a few days, strange spots start appearing on his whole body. Doctors are unable to figure out the cause or the treatment.

When the situation starts going out of control, the parents turn to a sadhu for help. But the solution involves a gory ritual to be carried out in the middle of the night…

Last Juice

Dharini Shukla had spent her whole life following all rituals mentioned in the religious scriptures. But her habits and beliefs begin to rankle her foreign-educated son, Jatin.

One day Jatin accidentally steps on a nimboo-mirchi talisman on the road. And then he decides to do the unthinkable…

A Grave Situation

A strange affliction is tormenting Aniket and Arundhati’s baby girl. The doctor is stumped. The only option in front of the anxious parents is getting her admitted to a hospital.

Just then, an old relative tells them there’s only one way to save the child. What she asks them to do leaves them stunned…

The Long Drive

Murali had quit his white collared job and was driving a taxi for a living. Being an educated blue collared guy, he did not believe in warding off demons with the help of chillies and lime.

However, on the long, lonely drive back from Vasai, he encounters 3 women who just don’t seem normal. Soon enough, he starts wishing he had tied a nimboo-mirchi charm to his taxi like the other drivers…

The Locked Box

Trisha and Donny, who are 10 and 3 years old respectively, are bundled up and dropped by their parents at their grandparents home. Not knowing how to entertain the kids, Dadaji takes them to a room where he has stored all the knick knacks that he has accumulated over his 65 years.

While rummaging through some stuff, they come across a box, and the story begins. Little does Dadaji know that while reminiscing, his grandson, Donny, will unleash the horrors of his past.

Kachcha Limboo

Lallan, after losing his mother as a newborn, becomes the point of hatred for his elder brothers. After enduring their torture for many years, and becoming a scapegoat for their mischief, Lallan withdraws into a shell, not wanting to socialize with anyone. One day, he comes across the mirchi-nimboo tied on the door of the storeroom, where his father works as a watchman.

Kachcha Limboo is a thrilling tale of the youngest son fed up of being bullied by the elder brothers, and his decision to take revenge in a dark way.


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About the Author:

Neil is an award winning author who has also founded a lit-fest (Litventure), a film production company and an editing services company (Pen Paper Coffee). His debut novel ‘Maya’s New Husband’ earned him a lot of things, including the sobriquet ‘the scariest man in Mumbai’ and an international movie deal.

Neil has also written two short-story collections titled ‘The Evil Eye and the Charm’ and ‘Bound in Love’ as well as a full-length novel – ‘Pishacha’. He is the founder of one of India’s largest literary groups on Facebook, ‘For Writers, By Authors’.

Neil was the recipient of The Entertainer of the Year award at The Literary Awards 2015 which was organized by Authors’ Ink Publications and Inside Stories. He also won at the Short Story Competition 2015 hosted by the Delhi Literature Festival in association with Readomania.

Vivek RaoThe Evil Eye and The Charm by Neil D’Silva

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